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Free To Breathe - A Partnership For Lung Cancer Survival

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About Us

Our Values

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We are Free to Breathe. We value...


We never assume to know it all. Our achievements only serve as catalysts to accomplishing more.


We demand and deliver the highest standards by giving 100% to our cause, constituents, advocates, leadership, goals, daily work and each other.

Passionate Curiosity

We are adventurous and open-minded. We dream big, constantly learning, exploring, questioning and seeking innovative ways to do things.

Responsible Ownership

We support an environment that requires responsibility, integrity, and accountability and do not allow for an environment where we pass blame or make excuses.

Honest Relationships

We make an effort to build meaningful and authentic connections with those around us. We show trust and respect for one another. Our interactions are more than simply transactional.


We help create heroes in the lung cancer community by unleashing and supporting the greatness of others.


We strive to embody the same bravery as those whom our organization works to help. We know that sometimes ideas or projects will not work the way we intend, but we pick each other up and continue working toward our goals together.


We believe in hope. We make a decision every day to remain positive in action, attitude and vision, despite the sometimes overwhelming challenges of lung cancer.


We are extended family of staff, advocates and medical professionals. We strive to cultivate a safe and encouraging environment to accommodate individuality, promote collaboration, and regularly show gratitude, compassion, and appreciation.

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