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Gifts of Securities

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For our friends who are also investors, donating stock to Free to Breathe can make sense for several reasons. Donating stock enables you to minimize taxes, get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock, avoid the capital gains tax on the stock’s appreciation and help further the mission of the Partnership.

Stock transfers don’t need to be complicated or expensive. Here are the steps necessary to transfer stock from your brokerage account to Free to Breathe:

If you wish to donate stock or mutual funds held in a brokerage account please give your broker the following information:
• Name of stock that you wish to donate and the number of shares
• DTC #0075
• Credit Free to Breathe, account #1848-0477

Have your broker notify Jeff Supple at SB Financial Services/LPL Financial that a donation is coming with the name of the stock/mutual fund and the number of shares. This can be done by calling Jeff at (608) 828-2288 or by emailing Jeff at

If your stocks are held in certificate form (you have physical possession) or you wish to donate mutual funds held directly at the mutual fund company, please contact Jeff Supple, (608) 828-2288 or Kristen Corcoran, (608) 849-2775 at SB Financial Services/LPL Financial for instructions.

Once the stock or mutual funds have been transferred, you will be credited for an average of the high and low trading prices on the day of the gift. Jeff will contact the Partnership and advise us on the amount of the gift and the date of the transfer. Someone from the Partnership will send you a “Thank You” and notification of the amount donated for tax purposes.

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