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Craft Your Own Charitable Legacy

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Charitable legacyMany people are unable to make a substantial gift to charity during their lifetime as current assets are needed for day-to-day necessities. However, there are ways you can support the Lung Cancer Research Foundation with gifts that don't impact the way you live. You can designate the Lung Cancer Research Foundation to receive estate assets in the future, or you can make immediate gifts to us of assets that are "out of sight and out of mind." We call these "Gifts Anyone Can Afford" because anyone can make them now without impacting their cash flow, lifestyle or family security.

  • You can give cash, appreciated stocks, or other assets.
  • You may arrange for your heirs to receive lifetime income from a charitable trust, with the remainder going to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation for charitable purposes.
  • Giving through your will via retirement plans or a life insurance policy may help reduce your estate tax burden.
  • Bequests to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation earn a full charitable deduction on estate taxes.

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