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Step 1: After the Proclamation is issued, write a press release
  • Download the Free to Breathe proclamation press release templateto use as a guide >
  • Explain why the proclamation was issued and who issued it.
  • Provide information about Free to Breathe and why lung cancer awareness is important.
  • Include a few lung cancer facts.
  • Include quotes from the government official signing the proclamation, from Free to Breathe, and/or from people affected by lung cancer in your community.
  • If you will be presenting the signed proclamation to the public, invite the media to cover this event.
Send the press release to the media
  • Send the press release to local newspapers, tv and radio stations.
  • Include a copy of the proclamation.
Hold an event to present the proclamation
  • Hold a news conference or public event when the proclamation is signed, inviting reporters and local health organizations.
  • Distribute copies of the proclamation to attendees along with information from Free to Breathe (lung cancer fact sheets, brochures, etc.) Order these materials for free.
  • Invite public officials to an existing lung cancer awareness event and publicly recognize them for their role in issuing the proclamation.
Share the proclamation
  • Send the signed proclamation to local health organizations and local government officials, including the mayor or governor; request that they display the proclamation in their offices and on their websites.
  • Send it to all your personal contacts and social media groups, briefly explaining why this proclamation is important to the community.

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