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You can help to double lung cancer survival by ensuring patients fully understand their treatment options. Just share our free patient resources and awareness materials in your community!

How to get startedPatient Resources

The Free to Breathe Education Advocate Program has all the online resources you need to share important materials like our booklet for newly diagnosed patients and lung cancer symptoms bookmarks. You can take action in just five easy steps:

Step 1

Develop a list of places in your community where you will share patient resources. Refer to the Program Guide (PDF) for tips on how to find opportunities and an action plan you can complete.

Step 2

Contact the locations on your list to schedule a time when you can make a delivery. The Program Guide offers a template script you can use to get started.

Step 3

Order a kit of our free patient resources. Then, send us an email with your name, home address and a list of the locations at which you plan on sharing resources

Step 4

Deliver resources to the locations on your list, and let us know how you did by filling out and submitting our Advocacy Tracking Form.

Step 5

Follow-up with the locations on your list three months after your initial visit. Ask if they need more patient resources and take action accordingly. Be sure to fill out our Advocacy Tracking Form for each new visit

Education Advocate Program GuideEducation Advocate Program Guide

Our detailed guide gives in-depth instructions for sharing lifesaving patient resources and awareness materials in your community. Download (PDF) >

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