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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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During this Lung Cancer Awareness Month, join us as we Flip Out to raise awareness and save lives!

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How to Flip Out

  Find table or table-like object

  Put stuff on table

  Make friend record

  Flip out!

Flip first or donate

Together, we will make sure that critically needed lung cancer research is funded. We will help newly diagnosed patients understand their treatment options. We are in this together, and all of our voices must be heard.  Together, we are free to breathe!

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We are a proud partner with Visit to read stories of hope and to share your own story. You can also order merchandise to wear proud during Lung Cancer Awareness Month.





Lung Cancer Awareness Month Posters

Download our Lung Cancer Awareness Month posters and put them up in your community this November.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month Facts Poster

Lung Cancer Awareness Month Symptoms Poster

Lung Cancer Awareness Month Symptoms Poster

Lung Cancer Facts 11x17 Lung Cancer Awareness 11x17 Lung Cancer Awareness 8.5x11

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