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Lung Cancer Research Foundation (merged with Free to Breathe)

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Free to Breathe (FtB) and the Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF) merged on September 30, 2017 to further our impact on lung cancer research discoveries. Our joint organization is now known as the Lung Cancer Research Foundation. To learn more, please visit the Merger Announcement page on LCRF’s website.

Treatment Options

There are more lung cancer treatments today than ever before, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy "targeted therapies," and new drugs being tested in clinical trials are also available to many patients. more >

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Radiation therapy
Targeted Therapy


Treatments by Type and Stage
Additional Treatment Topics

Your Cancer Care Team

It's important that you feel comfortable talking to the doctors, nurses and specialists who make up your care team. Remember, you have the right to ask questions, discuss treatment options, and openly express your concerns, emotions and wishes. more >

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are medical research studies that offer many patients the most cutting-edge treatment and care available. When you are diagnosed with lung cancer, or if your lung cancer recurs or progresses, you and your doctor should discuss whether a clinical trial is a good treatment option for you. more >

Molecular Tumor Testing

Some lung cancer treatments are called “targeted therapies” because they are designed to target specific tumor characteristics. Molecular tumor testing can let you and your doctor know if you have a tumor with one of these characteristics so you can make well-informed decisions about your treatment. more >

Managing Symptoms & Side Effects

Your treatment team is expert at helping you manage the symptoms of your cancer and side effects of your treatments. Understanding some common symptoms will prepare you for dealing with them if they occur. more >

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