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  • “Don’t Take Life For Granted”

    January 26 2012

    Wendy Anzalone always thought of her father as Superman. Now, after his diagnosis with lung cancer, Wendy's family is learning difficult but important lessons. Each day is precious, no one is promised a tomorrow and, as her father says, it's important to "live, love and laugh."

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  • “I Push For That Day”

    January 26 2012

    In this Story of Strength, lung cancer survivor Jill balances the hope of being cancer-free for two years against the constant challenges and limitations of being a survivor.

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  • The Words Speak of Love

    January 21 2012

    Since moving to Nashville four years ago, it’s been easy to get swept up by Music City's strong country roots.

    “Speak of Love” is a song I wrote and dedicated to my grandmother, Betty Cunio. She is an enormous fan of country music royalty, such as Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline, in addition to loving a variety of musical styles and genres that impacted my own musical tastes. Like many others, I was practically raised by Mema (my grandmother), and "Speak of Love" is a song that will resonate deeply with anyone who's grandmother played a meaningful part in their own life.

    Sadly, in 2010, Mema was diagnosed with lung cancer and has since undergone radiation and other treatments that left a permanent mark on her life. "Speak of Love" started as a Christmas gift so I could properly thank her for all the amazing years she gave me and all those she touched as a result of her huge heart and patience.

    While writing the song, I wanted to make sure that Mema knows she is loved. Upon its completion, I was inspired to use “Speak of Love” as a vehicle to help fund cancer research and find a cure for this horrible disease that continues to claim so many important people’s lives.

    I’m extremely excited and pleased to announce that all proceeds from "Speak of Love" will benefit research at the National Lung Cancer Partnership, and I want to thank them for their support.

    You can download “Speak of Love” on iTunes for less than a dollar. Give your grandmother a call and tell her that you just gave to a good cause; she'll be really proud. I know mine is!

    Speak Of Love
    Words and Music by Mike Marsh
    All Rights Reserved 2011

    Her supper is served before the sun goes down
    And Grandpa is snoring before 9
    She'll spoil you now
    And let the dog in and out
    And share a joke before slippin' in to bed

    We laughed till it hurt
    And we'll say it over and over
    The sound won't erase from me
    We've had a pretty hard life
    I wish this moment in time would just freeze
    For you and me

    She said, "My beautiful daughter
    and my grandsons
    You'll sleep safe under my roof tonite."
    Her love will unwind
    In a way that reminds us
    That it's certain
    And perfectly timed

    We'll laugh till it hurt
    And we'll say it over and over
    The sound won't erase from me
    We've had a pretty hard life
    I wish this moment in time would just freeze
    For you and me

    Here I am
    Your grandson
    A father
    A man

    You stand by me
    With that patient smile
    That made me who I am

    And you held on to me
    When love that shouldn't leave
    Let me go

    And when you talk to me
    The words speak of love
    And I'm home

    When you talk to me
    The words speak of love
    and I am whole

    Come on and speak to me now
    The words you speak of love
    Please take me home


    Mike Marsh is a drummer from Miami, FL best known for his work with Dashboard Confessional and The Avett Brothers. He is also a singer/songwriter currently living in Nashville, TN. Follow Mike and his new solo project, Paper, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

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  • Less Than 2% Club

    January 15 2012

    "Now here is the result of all these treatments and faith. I have at the moment no cancer active in my body, thank God. First time in four years."

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