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Free To Breathe - A Partnership For Lung Cancer Survival

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  • Less Than 2% Club

    January 15 2012

    "Now here is the result of all these treatments and faith. I have at the moment no cancer active in my body, thank God. First time in four years."

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  • Never Lose Hope, by Anne Hansen

    November 30 2011

    We were not about to let cancer take over his life and neither was he. We gave him all the support, hope and will to live. We truly believe that the biggest part of fighting cancer is mental. Its a will to live and not give up.

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  • Cindy Lyke - 22 Year Survivor

    November 28 2011

    I have seen my children become adults, marry, and start their families. I am enjoying life and my three delightful grandchildren...In 2010 I saw the ad for the “Free to Breathe” walk and joined the walk for the first time. I am very grateful there is now an organization to help and support those suffering from this horrible disease. Through the years, I have tried to offer support, comfort, and hope to other patients and will continue to try and do this.

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  • “We have chosen to live each day with hope and great joy”: Sara Whitlock

    “We have chosen to live each day with hope and great joy”: Sara Whitlock

    November 10 2011

    I am humbled to say that we have been given strength beyond our greatest hopes. My marriage and my children are thriving and we remain realistically optimistic. There are moments of sadness, sometimes they overwhelm us. But we refuse to let cancer rule our lives. We have chosen to live each day with hope and great joy. This, above all else, is my source of strength.

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