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Featured Clinical Trial of the Week: Chemo & Targeted Therapies

  • July 26 2013

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    Featured Clinical Trial of the Week: Chemo & Targeted Therapies

    Chemotherapy drugs work by killing cells that are dividing quickly—including tumor cells. Targeted therapies have been developed to try to attack the specific molecules that are abnormal in cancer cells. While researchers understand how well combinations of some of these drugs can stop the spread of lung cancer, it's not yet understood whether using more of them in combination works better.

    This clinical trial evaluates the effectiveness of standard of care: two chemotherapy drugs (carboplatin and paclitaxel) plus the targeted therapy bevacizumab in eligible patients, versus standard of care plus an added targeted therapy, cetuximab, in controlling the spread of lung cancer.

    Patients with a new diagnosis of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer, or patients with a recurrence after prior surgery and/or radiation treatment for NSCLC. Patients experiencing recurrence after receiving prior chemotherapy or targeted therapy are not eligible for this trial.

    Visit for more information on this trial.

    If you’re looking for further information on this and/or other lung cancer clinical trials, please contact our Clinical Trials Matching Service, where trained representatives will match your particular cancer and health issues to clinical trials that are available for you.


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