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Featured Clinical Trial of the Week: Relieving Esophageal Pain with Manuka Honey

  • August 08 2013

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    Featured Clinical Trial of the Week: Relieving Esophageal Pain with Manuka Honey

    The pain and other symptoms lung cancer patients deal with aren't always from the illness itself; some patients also deal with side effects from their treatment. Some patients receiving radiation therapy directed at the lungs develop a condition called esophagitis, which feels like sunburn in the area connecting the throat to the stomach. Common antacid medications like Maalox® and pain medications including lidocaine and oxycodone are often recommended to treat esophagitis related to radiation therapy, but this clinical trial tests a new method of treatment.

    Manuka honey has shown some promise as an antibacterial agent that may help soothe minor burns. This clinical trial tests whether treating esophagitis with manuka honey (in liquid or lozenge form) is more effective than standard of care treatments.

    Lung Cancer patients receiving a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy (once daily) are eligible for this trial.

    Visit for more information on this trial.

    If you’re looking for further information on this and/or other lung cancer clinical trials, please contact our Clinical Trials Matching Service, where trained representatives will match your particular cancer and health issues to clinical trials that are available for you.


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