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Free to Breathe is proud to partner with Lung-MAP

  • August 22 2017

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    Free to Breathe is proud to partner with Lung-MAP

    Free to Breathe is a partner with Lung-MAP, a clinical trial testing new treatments for patients with advanced stage squamous cell lung cancer. It offers several treatment options for participants who have received prior treatment with chemotherapy.

    By joining, participants get access to the latest cancer treatments and expertise from the National Cancer Institute and major lung cancer researchers and advocates.

    What makes Lung-MAP unique?

    • Access to multiple precision medicines and immunotherapies
    • Every patient is screened and then assigned to a sub-study that best fits the patient’s screening results
    • One of the first precision medicine cancer trials in the country
    • More than 700 Lung-MAP locations in 39 states

    Eligible patients have been diagnosed with advanced squamous cell lung cancer, and have received at least one dose of chemotherapy. Lung-MAP patients must be at least 18 years old.

    Deciding if Lung-MAP is right for you is a decision for you and your healthcare provider. Lung-Map is a collaborative clinical trial, and your doctor is a key member of your team. Doctors are kept informed of all procedures and progress. For more information, visit


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