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I Walk for My Husband, Marc

  • February 02 2014

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    I Walk for My Husband, Marc

    It was October 2011 when I learned that life as I knew it was going to change dramatically. My husband (then my boyfriend- we would get engaged 9 months later) – my best friend and soulmate – Marc, was diagnosed with stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

    He was 28 years old at the time of his diagnosis and by all standards Marc was completely healthy. He belonged to a gym, ate right and visited his doctor for annual check-ups. After hearing "stage IV lung cancer," all I could think was, "this has to be a mistake." It wasn't.

    Since Marc's initial diagnosis, he’s gone through surgery, chemo, radiation, genetic testing, and other treatments. But not once has his strength wavered. It's amazing that at times, he has been my rock, instead of my being his.

    Together, with the support of our amazing family and friends, we take life one day at a time. Is it easy? Nope. But our love will get us through.

    I know that through our efforts with Free to Breathe, we’re funding the research that will help Marc, and countless other families like ours, battle this disease.

    I walk for Marc. Who do you walk for?

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  1. Shannon Donnachie 02:00pm, 02/06/2014

    Beautiful story! I pray for the strength of you and yours. Also, I pray that Marc beats this ugly disease. Never give up hope!!

    I walk for my Dad. He was diagnosed with the exact same as Marc, October 7th, 2013. He fought as hard as he could, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the disease was discovered too late. He passed away January 10th of this year. He is my hero for trying his absolute hardest, he never gave up hope and he is the strongest man in my eyes. I will walk in his honor every year, and in honor of every single person and family who has beat the disease, fighting, or lost the battle. Prayers for everyone <3

  2. Rachael Kuchler 08:55am, 02/18/2014

    I am so sorry that your father lost his battle to this terrible disease. He sounds like he was a very strong man to have endured so much. I am so touched to see that you will continue to walk in his honor every year. It is the dedication from people like you who help make Free to Breathe such an amazing organization; we feel blessed to be a part of such a loving, caring community. Prayers to you and your family.

  3. Lisa 07:36am, 02/27/2014

    I walk each year for my Mom, Arlene, who lost her battle back in 2008.  After being diagnosed, my Mom and my siblings and our families began participating in Relay for life and the first Annual Free to Breathe event in Philadelphia.  My family walks every year…we only missed one walk, the day my Mom passed…Nov 2, 2008.
    I am excited for the new treatments and the progress in the fight!  My best to all as we continue to fight the fight!

  4. Gordon Matthews 07:56pm, 06/15/2014

    Dear Mark & Rachael

    I stumbled apon your story and would like to briefly tell you the following. 3 months before my ordeal began, my only sister succumbed to breast cancer after a 5 year battle. My mother and 2 brothers and myself were torn apart. I was a fit 39 years old, had a job I loved, a beautiful wife and 5 & 2 year old sons. Then disaster struck. Severe heart burn turned out to be lung cancer. I could explain in detail the awful feeling and events that then took place, but I know you will have already shared them. I found it hard to tell my wife and impossible to tell my mother after the loss of her only daughter 3 months previous. My wife was told in the worst possible manner by an idiot on a consultant, to hold out no hope of me surviving the year. However, I was fortunate enough to be operated by another surgeon and although I lost my left lung, I survived that year and with the help of my wife and a few friends I pulled through and learned to cope. Yes there were terrible days and yes I lost the close friendship of a couple of friends and was disappointed with a few close relatives, but I gained a few others on my route to recovery. There were a few further concerns in the earlier days and I must admit that I’ll never forget this part of my life, which is still fresh in my mind. However I decided that I couldn’t live with whatever time I had continually worrying about what could or couldn’t happen, so I got on with my life. I will be 63 in October 2014 and although I have put on a lot of weight and have found it impossible to lose, it’s a small price along with the loss of a lung to have seen my 2 boys grow up and my beautiful wife blossom even more. I wish you both strength and happiness whilst you continue your journey through life. Kind regards Gordon

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