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Inspiring Resilience

  • August 27 2014

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    Inspiring Resilience

    David LeDuc, Development Director with Free to Breathe, shares what those facing lung cancer have taught him about resilience, love and hope.

    "Our Greatest Glory is Not in Never Falling, But in Rising Every Time We Fall" — Confucius

    Recently a colleague shared the news that one of our long time friends and advocates was back in treatment and facing a challenging prognosis. While I hear this type of news all too often, it never gets easier. My thoughts immediately turned to his wife and family and what they must be feeling at this time. When I hear news like this, I often think back to my own family’s experience with my father’s cancer and how it tested us. As I thought of how to reach out to this particular friend’s family, three words immediately came to mind – resilience, love and hope.

    I believe the quote from Confucius expresses resilience in fairly simple terms. Life will occasionally knock us down - cancer may recur, some treatments may not work – but our response must be to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward, to stay strong. I think it is human nature to do so.

    Love is what allows us to keep up our strength and to stay resilient. It is the love from our family, friends, and colleagues that reminds us of all the good times, comforts us during the bad and carries us when we can no longer carry ourselves.

    And hope — well hope is the light at the end of the tunnel and the golden thread that is woven into every part of life. It lets us dream of better days, plan for another tomorrow, and look beyond the immediate future.

    To each of you living with lung cancer, I want to say thank you for teaching me so much about resilience, love and hope. And please know you inspire me, and everyone here at Free to Breathe, as we strive every day to match your heroic spirit.

    Who inspires your resilience? Please consider making a donation in the name of your hero so we can continue funding research that will lead to life saving treatments. You can help double lung cancer survival by 2022.

    Kindest Regards,

    David M. LeDuc
    Development Director at Free to Breathe 


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