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Jason Morse Shares his Story of Strength

  • October 17 2014

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    Jason Morse Shares his Story of Strength

    Jason Morse, left, at the 2014 Indianapolis Free to Breathe Run/Walk

    I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer on November 20th, 2013. If you were to talk to my family and friends they would tell you that I am not someone who has the best memory, especially when it comes to important dates, but this is a date I remember. I went from being perfectly healthy to having lung cancer in 4 weeks. I initially thought I had the flu or a bad cold that got progressively worse over a week. Being stubborn, I didn’t go to the doctor until my wife basically forced me. I was told that I had pneumonia and was sent home with antibiotics. My wife is a nurse and was working that night. She had a disk of my CAT scan and took a look at it to see what the small nodules were that the doctor had spoke about. This is when the alarm bells went off and she had me to the ER the next day. It was three more long weeks before we got a diagnosis.

    One of the obstacles we fought to get a diagnosis was that I did not fit the so-called profile of someone with lung cancer. I did not have any of the risk factors and had no symptoms. So I will always remember November 20th, 2013. We have been fortunate to encounter the greatest Oncologists, Nurses, and other Healthcare Professionals. We have been met with nothing but understanding and compassion from everyone that we have come in contact with. Some of them are here today and I thank them for all they have done for my family and myself.

    Free to Breathe to me is an extension of the great people that have treated me. They are working tirelessly to promote lung cancer awareness and research. If there was more awareness that this disease strikes many different types of people I may have been diagnosed sooner. By funding research Free to Breathe is trying to promote a future where lung cancer is a manageable disease. It does not have to be as scary as it is today.

    I am in my second line of chemotherapy and have been through one clinical trial. I am enjoying as much time as I can with my wife Sandi, and our two kids Ben and Ellana. Even with lung cancer I intend to live my life to the fullest extent possible. I plan on keeping a positive attitude, taking it one day at a time, and doing all the other clichés that everyone tells me to do. Thank you to my wife for being there when I needed her. Thanks to Free to Breathe for all they do and allowing me to share my story. 


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