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Libby Fishman

  • October 18 2011

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    I was asymptomatic except that I had this pain in my side. Although I was assured there was probably nothing wrong, because I had had a recent surgery to remove my gall bladder, I had a CT scan to make sure there was no blood clot. That is how my tumor was discovered.

    Then the fun began: three doctors with three different diagnoses and suggested procedures. I decided I had to take control. I spent a week researching, using the library, the internet (primarily the NIH site and Oncolink, but others as well), and talking to doctor friends. I wrote out questions, I got all my tests organized. That was the best thing I ever did.

    By the time I picked my doctors at a major university hospital, I was at peace. I learned that you should never be shy about asking everything you need to know and that being mentally positive is very important.


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