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Lost my soulmate to lung cancer 2006

  • March 23 2011

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    My husband had been complaining of back pain and choking when he laid on his back. The doctor just brushed it off and said his spine was crooked. In February 19, 2006 we were wintering in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas when he had what I thought was a stroke and the doctor diagnosed as a mini stroke. After numerous test, without any blockage showing, they still diagnosed as mini stroke. On March 14, 2006, he had another episode and took him to different hospital and they were able to diagnose he was having seizures. The lung cancer had already spread to the brain, he lived 4 months. Several days prior to the first seizure in February, I noticed he would forget the direction to the campground where we were staying and ran a stop sign. His reason was he wasn't paying attention, but now I know it was the 11 tumors he had in his brain. We were married 43 years and he was 1 month shy of 63 years old. I miss him every day and am so mad he continued to smoke after the warning labels were put on the cigarettes many years ago.


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