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Lung Cancer Action Summit Highlights - Part 1

  • September 19 2014

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    Lung Cancer Action Summit Highlights - Part 1

    Mothers, daughters, nieces, husbands, wives, friends, nurses, scientists... Last night, as we circled the room introducing ourselves it became apparent that not only were we all touched by lung cancer in some capacity but we were all very deeply touched by lung cancer, in so many ways. 

    We had joked as we sat down at our tables about the box of tissues that at the time seemed out of place, but as we told our stories we passed that box around. We shared our anger, frustration, tears...and hope. Yes, there is hope. 

    There were a few recurrent themes in our introductions… Stigma… Funds... Determination... Hope. 

    Today we continued our journey as advocates with an education in cancer from Dr. Joan Schiller, Dr.  Antionette Wozniak and Dr. Timothy Burns as they presented Lung Cancer 101: Understanding the Disease. Dr. Schiller gave an overview of lung cancer basics, the treatment of cancer and lung cancer screening. Dr. Wozniak spoke to us about clinical trials, tackling the myths and misconceptions and giving an overview on the process and challenges. Dr. Burns covered recent advances in lung cancer research and the challenges and opportunities we still face. 

    Dr. Schiller wrapped up her portion with this powerful message, "There can be no progress without research." With that, and after lunch, we had the opportunity to tour the lung cancer research laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Our time there was incredibly moving. Not only did we get to see cutting-edge science and technology at work, it was, as one of my fellow advocates put so well, like magic. It was inspiring to see what advances are being made in the field and to hear the passion in the scientists' voices as they talk about what they do every day. 


    This is why we are here. It is the dedication of our advocates, our fundraisers, doctors, researchers, survivors, and all of you that are making a difference. We ARE well on our way to doubling lung cancer survival by 2022!


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