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Lung Cancer Action Summit Highlights - Part 3

  • September 22 2014

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    Lung Cancer Action Summit Highlights - Part 3

    Dr. Schiller left us with some parting words on Saturday, expressing the critical importance of funding. Federal funding has declined more than 20% in the past decade and there are far more scientists competing for grants than there is money to support them. This is forcing some scientists out altogether, either because they can't get funding or because the competition is too fierce. 

    Without funding we will see a reduction in the people that are being trained to research. As it is, only 15% of those amazingly passionate scientists we met on our tour this week will get permanent tenure-track jobs at academic institutions. The US budget for research is being cut and as of now only 1 in 10 grants are being funded.

    There will be no progress without research.
    There will be no research without funding.
    There will be no funding without your help. 

    As Dr. Schiller said, it will take an army, but thanks to our time at the summit we are well armed. 

    Let's not let the conversation stop here. As we leave Pittsburgh and head to our homes let's bring this passion with us. Let's keep talking about what our plans are and how we are going to accomplish them. Let's give each other updates on where we are and ask for help when we reach a roadblock. Let's turn this weekend of action into a lifetime of impact! 


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