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Misdiagnosed, now cancer free!

  • March 31 2011

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    My journey began when my legs, arms and back would not stop hurting. I also had a cough that would not go away. I kept going to my family doctor about every 2 weeks with my problems and he kept misdiagnosing me with everything but lung cancer. I got fed up and asked to be referred to someone else. Since his last diagnosis was arthritis, I was referred to an arthritis specialist. The arthritis specialist examined me and found nothing like arthritis, so she decided to send me for a chest X-ray because she did not like my cough.

    When the arthritis specialist called me, she told me my family doctor will tell me her findings. He told me I had lung cancer - a mass and tumor the size of a tennis ball. He was very sorry for misdiagnosing me. I was rushed in for tests to get me ready for surgery.

    Now, I am done with my nasty chem-o and doing wonderful. I have been CANCER FREE for 1 year, and did my first 1 mile walk Nov. 6th of 2009 for lung cancer awareness month. FREE TO BREATHE with WANDA-N-THE WARRIORS, RALEIGH, N.C!


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