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Raising Awareness for My Mother

  • September 10 2013

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    Raising Awareness for My Mother

    Over 225,000 families are affected by lung cancer every year. We will always be one of those families.

    When my mother got lung cancer I didn’t really know what it was; I was only 3 years old. All I knew was that it was kind of weird knowing that she could have died so easily. Now it’s been 10 years since she got it. Her one dream was for her to live long enough for me to have graduated fifth grade and she has so far exceeded that dream, but even now it’s scary to know that she could get cancer again at any moment.

    The first time I bleached my hair was a few years ago in November, a year ago after a lung cancer walk in Michigan. I wanted to match as close as I could the color of the lung cancer ribbon which is clear/white. Some kids at school criticized me for it but when I told them why I did it, they felt ashamed of themselves.

    This article is supposed to be about my hair, not my mother, but I would never have done anything like bleaching my hair or anything else I might do for lung cancer awareness if it hadn’t been for my mother getting cancer. I think that she is a great figure in the lung cancer community. As for my hair, all in all, besides from just lung cancer I want my bleaching my hair to be a message to everyone about focusing on all cancers, because all cancer is bad. At schools, sports, and miscellaneous things you hear so much about breast cancer. Football teams wear pink shoes, and kids wear pink wigs for it, but football players never wear white shoes just for lung cancer, and you don’t see people wearing white wigs or bleaching their hair. People don’t even realize that lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer.

    So, the reason for me bleaching my hair to the color white is because of my mother and also because lung cancer isn’t very well funded or talked about. I want to try to help change that.


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