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Snack stand brings in donations - and gratitute

  • July 18 2017

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    Snack stand brings in donations - and gratitute

    Christine Hepler is raising money for the Aug. 20 Baltimore Free to Breathe Yoga Challenge, and decided to supplement donations by setting up a snack stand where she works. So far, she’s raised $350!

    Christine was aware of Free to Breathe because her grandfather had battled lung cancer before his death in 2013. She explained she saw information about the 2016 yoga challenge, but “yoga and I weren’t friends last year, so I didn’t pay it any attention.” Then in August, she decided to take advantage of a free trial month at a nearby gym. “I forced myself to go to yoga because I knew I needed to learn how to calm down and let things go,” she said – and she continued with classes after the trial ended.

    A few weeks later, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I know I would not have remained as calm had I not had yoga in my life. So when the event approached this year, I knew I had to participate because yoga has become a part of my everyday practice.” Christine is also working on a #30by30bucketlist, with 30 items to complete before her 30th birthday in January. One item is to give back and become involved with charity in a meaningful way. Fundraising for Free to Breathe’s yoga challenge has become that bucket list item for her.

    At right: This full version of the cover photo includes the ever-popular UTZ chips. (Photo by Snow Snap Photography)

    Christine was uncomfortable directly asking her co-workers for money, so she asked her manager if she could set up a snack stand. At first, she set up next to the coffee station. Then she added a second stand near the customer care and maintenance team – “they are on the phone 24/7 and work weekends – these people definitely need snacks!” She spent about $16 at the dollar store for bins in blue and green, combining Free to Breathe’s and her company’s colors.

    Christine credits her husband with helping her determine a pricing system – he brought her attention to the unit pricing tool on Sam’s Club’s website. Depending on the item purchased, she charges at least double what she pays. Nothing costs her co-workers more than 75 cents. Between the two stands, she brings in about $25 per day. She has experimented with inventory to see what sells – “I can’t seem to keep UTZ chips in stock,” she noted.

    “This fundraiser has been so rewarding, with co-workers thanking me or asking when I’ll be filling up the snack stand,” she said. Christine has raised her fundraising goal from $400 to $500, and expects to pass that mark as well.

    Congratulations, Christine, on coming up with a clever and effective way to build donations!


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