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Taking Action in Memory of Grandma

  • February 28 2014

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    Taking Action in Memory of Grandma

    Maddie is the winner of the 2013 Dayton Free to Breathe Run/Walk Teen Writing Contest.

    I have written and rewritten this story probably a thousand times, and I have shed many tears over this. The pain is too great to describe in only words. There aren’t words to describe how this feels. I hope that I’ve chosen the right words.  

    Most kids bake cookies with their grandmas. They spend the night and walk around the house in her high heels. Or they sit in her lap while she tells them stories. Unfortunately, I have been cheated out of this joy. You see, I don’t have two grandmas. She never made cookies with me, I never wore her high heels, and she never told me a story. I’ve never even heard her voice. We have never told each other “I love you”. Even though I know inside that she loves me and I love her right back. It’s such a simple three words, but we tend to take it for granted. If only I could hear it from her just once.

    I know that she is still with me wherever I go. She was the first one to hold me as a baby. Grandma used to pick at her fingernails from the time she woke up to the time she went to sleep. When I started doing the same thing before I could talk, my mother just smiled and said,” Grandma taught her that.” The only thing she ever gave to me were her mannerisms and her small, thin hands.

    We are so grateful for the relief that Free to Breathe has given to families like mine. My family has been doing the 5k for four years and I have donated over a thousand dollars to the cause. I miss my grandma so much, and I don’t want anyone to feel the way I do again. No one should have as many questions as I do, or go through what my family has had to go through. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do. Everyone tells me how sweet she was, yet I will never know. My biggest regret was never being able to meet her. Thank you for everything that you do you have no idea how important it is to us.

    In memory of Pamela Faye Wilker


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  1. Angie 08:33pm, 02/28/2014

    That’s my girl!  I couldn’t be more proud. 
    My family and friends look forward every year to supporting the efforts of Free To Breathe.  We join to help support those who are here surviving or those who were lost, we raise money to help fund awareness/research of Lung Cancer, and we celebrate life. 
    We pray that things will continue to improve, in part, because some people who care came together on a Saturday morning in November.

  2. henry 02:50pm, 04/07/2014

    This is the life that we have with no guarantees of happy endings. we need to make the most of it.

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