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Lung Cancer at 19

  • July 18 2011

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    Nineteen and in love, college sophomore, 13-year competitive athlete...non-smoker. On December 4th, my daughter - Brittany Elizabeth Coppedge - was diagnosed with BAC and just three weeks later she lost her battle with this monster. Yet in those three weeks she showed more amazing strength and grace than I'd ever seen in anyone else. Within minutes of being told of her diagnosis, Brittany looked at me, then at the doctors and said "let's do something".

    She was a fighter, and an inspiration to her friends and family. In the ten months that have passed, Brittany's Battle, Inc. was formed and we are determined to continue her battle for her. Once we found the alarming statistics, there was just no way we could walk away and not do something. She deserves every ounce of effort and whatever it takes to change the numbers.

    No one should have to fight lung cancer, least of all a 19 year old.


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