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Team Lois’ Legacy

  • January 31 2014

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    Team Lois’ Legacy

    I walk for my mother.

    My connection to lung cancer is through my mother. She passed away in January 2009. I won't say she battled lung cancer, because she never had the chance. She had a lung x-ray in October 2007 for suspected pneunomia and it was clean. In April 2008 she had a routine lung x-ray (something she had been doing since 1992 for an unrelated issue) and it showed a suspicious mass. The subsequent scan showed not only a malignant tumor in her lungs, but the cancer had already metastasized to her liver. Too late. Six months from clean to too late.She didn't even have any symptoms at the time of diagnosis and it was already too late.

    Who was she? She loved her family more than anything else. She listened to all our triumphs and worries, big and small. She was my father's best friend. She liked to watch Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor. She worked the crossword puzzles every day. She loved Celtic Thunder and Josh Groben. She liked to play cards and she didn't like to lose smile She went to Reno every year with her sister-in-law, Aunt Dot. She is missed every day.

    Team Lois' Legacy walks in your honor, mom, with the hope of increasing diagnostic tools and survival rates.

    -Lisa K. from Washington

    Who do you walk for? Find an event near you, and join Lisa K. in the movment to double lung cancer survival by 2022!


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