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We Were Both too Young

  • March 31 2011

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    I lost my mother when she was only 47 years old. In just 8 short months I watched her go from a healthy, active adult to someone who looked decades older. I was only 26 when the roles were switched during her last month. I had become her caregiver. She had become almost childlike as the chemo and cancer ruined her mind and body. It broke my heart. Not only did I lose my best friend, but the cancer threatened to override what the strong, independent person I wanted to remember my mom as.

    That was almost 6 years ago. I ran my first "Free to Breathe" event last August in her memory. I cannot thank you and your organization enough for giving lung cancer patients, victims, survivors and their loved ones a voice and a way to fight back against this horrible disease. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... You are all true heroes.


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