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Create a Family Vision and Multi-Generational Plan

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FamilyThere are several types of charitable gifts that reduce your tax costs for transferring assets to your heirs. A charitable lead trust is one of the best tools for tax savings when passing intergenerational wealth to your heirs. In a nutshell, a lead trust holds appreciating assets for a term of years (or for your lifetime), and makes quarterly or annual payments to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation. The Lung Cancer Research Foundation benefits from the stream of reliable, steady gifts from the lead trust, and you’re able to witness the good work your contribution makes possible during your lifetime. At the end of the trust’s term, all remaining trust assets are distributed to your designated beneficiaries with greatly reduced gift and estate tax, regardless of how much the trust has grown. A lead trust can be structured to totally eliminate estate and gift taxes on trust assets.

  • You may choose to have the Lung Cancer Research Foundation receive a fixed income or receive distributions that vary with the value of the trust.
  • The final beneficiary can be you or someone else, including a spouse, sibling, elderly parent, friend, or former employee.
  • A charitable lead trust is particularly useful for people who own securities or real estate that have increased in value but earn little income, since the assets, once placed in the trusts, can be sold and reinvested free of capital gains tax.

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