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Provide Income for Your Parents

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Provide incomeA charitable remainder unitrust is a separately invested and managed charitable trust that pays a percentage of its principal, re-valued annually, to you and/or other income beneficiaries, you name for life or a term of years (up to a maximum of 20). You receive a charitable income tax deduction for a portion of the value of the assets you place in the trust. After the unitrust terminates, the balance or "remainder interest" goes to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation to be used as you designate.

You can use almost any asset to fund a unitrust, including cash, publicly traded stocks and bonds, closely held stock, partnership interests and real estate. You can tailor your unitrust to meet many financial or estate planning goals. You can choose to receive income beginning immediately or you can structure the trust and its investments to defer most of your income to a future time. If you are insurable, you can even use some of the income or tax savings produced by your plan to purchase a life insurance policy that replaces your gift and flows to your heirs outside of your estate ("wealth replacement"). We can assist you and your advisors as you design the right unitrust to achieve your goals.

  • You may choose to receive a fixed income or receive distributions that vary with the value of the trust.
  • The income beneficiary can be you or someone else, including a spouse, sibling, elderly parents, etc.
  • A charitable remainder trust is particularly useful for people who own securities or real estate that have increased in value but earn little income, since the assets, once placed in the trusts, can be sold and reinvested free of capital gains tax.

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