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Research saves lives

Featured Researcher: John Poirier, PhD

John Poirier, PhD"Patients and their families look to the scientific community for hope. We have a responsibility to bring them more cures."

Research saves lives

Investment in research has significantly improved survival rates for other cancers in the past several decades. With your support, Free to Breathe is working to make lung cancer a part of this story. That's why research is a critical part of our vision to double lung cancer survival by 2022.

Survival Rates vs. Federal Funding Per Death

There is not enough funding for lung cancer research

Lung cancer claims more lives each year than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined, but these cancers receive proportionately more research funding than lung cancer.

Free to Breathe research grants

As research funding grows, survival rates increase. Dramatic increases in survival won't happen until we fund the research necessary for better detection and treatment.

That's why Free to Breathe has awarded more than $4 million for cutting-edge research that is essential to helping patients live longer and better lives.

Read about these cutting-edge research projects and more that Free to Breathe is funding >

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