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Research & Grants

Free to Breathe Grant Recipients

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2015 Metastasis Grants

Thanks to the support of Free to Breathe donors and fundraisers, we are able to award our new metastasis grant to two promising research teams in 2015. This new grant is focused on research that will prevent or stop the spread of lung cancer, also known as metastasis. Both winners have research projects that could significantly benefit patients in the next few years.

Targeting Lung Cancer Metastasis
 to the Brain and Bone

Ann Marie Pendergast, PhD and Mark Onaitis, MD
Duke University School of Medicine

The spread of cancer cells, or metastasis, to the brain and bones is responsible for about 90% of lung cancer deaths.  Since a large number of patients treated with current therapies develop brain and bone metastasis, new therapies that prevent and stop cancer cells from spreading are urgently needed.  Drs. Pendergast and Onaitis aim to find these new therapies.

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Blocking ART1 Proteins to Prevent Lung Cancer Metastasis

Brendon Stiles, MD, Timothy McGraw, PhD and Vivek Mittal, PhD
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

ART1 is a protein that Dr. Stiles and his team have found to be commonly expressed in high amounts on the surface of lung cancer cells.  The researchers discovered that ART1 might play an important role in the ability of lung cancer cells to spread, or metastasize.  

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2014 Impact Award

Three of the nation’s largest lung cancer advocacy organizations, the American Lung Association, Free to Breathe, and Uniting Against Lung Cancer, worked together in an unprecedented collaboration to fund research to improve treatment for lung cancer patients.

Targeting p53 Mutation

Dr. Peter Kaiser, PhD - University of California, Irvine

"This funding from Free to Breathe, the American Lung Association and Uniting Against Lung Cancer will allow us to explore novel lung cancer therapeutics to help patients suffering from this terrible disease."  learn more >


Young Investigator Grants

Thank you to the incredible Free to Breathe donors, fundraisers and supporters who have funded over $4 million in lung cancer research since 2005. This year, the Free to Breathe community supports these researchers as part of the Young Investigator Research Grant program.

Mohamed Abazeed, MD, PhDNew Targeted Therapies for Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

Mohamed Abazeed, MD, PhD - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

"I am constantly reminded of the courage, resilience and spirit of my patients. They are a reminder of the urgency to achieve much more."  learn more >

Louisiana Hope Research Grant, made possible by Free to Breathe

Collin Blakely, MD, PhDImproving an Important Targeted Therapy

Collin Blakely, MD, PhD - University of California San Francisco

"I see firsthand the toll metastatic lung cancer takes on patients and families. My hope is this research will ultimately extend patients' lives significantly."  learn more >

Made possible by Free to Breathe and Uniting Against Lung Cancer

Dingcheng Gao, PhDStopping Tumors From Getting Fuel to Grow

Dingcheng Gao, PhD - Weill Medical College of Cornell University

"Thanks to everyone at Free to Breathe for making great efforts to fundraise for outstanding projects in lung cancer research."  learn more >

Roseann Safar Lung Cancer Research Grant, made possible by Free to Breathe

John Poirier, PhDOvercoming Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug Resistance

John Poirier, PhD - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

"Patients and families touched by lung cancer look to the scientific community for hope. We have a responsibility to bring them more cures."  learn more >

Louisiana Hope Research Grant, made possible by Free to Breathe

Kavitha Yaddanapudi, PhDA Lung Cancer Vaccine to Prevent Relapse

Kavitha Yaddanapudi, PhD - University of Louisville

"Every possible therapy that can provide relief to lung cancer patients or improve their quality of life should be pursued." learn more >

Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina grant, made possible by Free to Breathe

Helena Yu, MDA New Way to Prevent Drug Resistance

Helena Yu, MD - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

"I'm working to make the best treatments we have for EGFR-positive lung cancer even more effective, leading to improved patient survival." learn more >

Andrews Family Research Grant, made possible by Free to Breathe

Our thanks to Genentech and Novartis for their support of the 2014 Young Investigator Research Grants.

Previous grant recipients

Free to Breathe has been funding critical lung cancer research since 2005. Learn more about grant recipients from previous years >

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