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Lung Cancer Support Line

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Our Lung Cancer Support Line provides education, connection to resources and opportunities for meaningful engagement to help patients and caregivers better face the challenges of lung cancer. We are committed to building and empowering the lung cancer community.

We are available Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. CDT, toll free:

(844) 835-4325

Patients and caregivers may call or email as often as they wish, and the service is offered completely free of charge! Support Line terms of service

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You may also contact us at:

Support Line

Helping patients with lung cancer and their families with...


“The only thing I heard the pulmonologist say was that I was going to die. He didn’t really use those words, but that is all that I heard,” said lung cancer survivor, Cliff Norton. Due to the level of distress and anxiety that is so normal to feel at the time of diagnosis, individuals often need additional information. 


“It has been a year packed full of life,” stated Frank Noll, who retired soon after his lung cancer diagnosis to focus on art, travel and family. “What was missing (after my diagnosis) was a connection with others who faced a similar path, someone to talk to who would take me through this.” The Support Line connects patients and their families to helpful resources.


Joe Hamilton, who lost his mother to lung cancer, sees the value of getting involved in the cause like this, “We live in honor of our loved ones. I feel better knowing I am making efforts towards her legacy and life. Something good will come of this.” The Support Line helps people facing lung cancer find ways to bring meaning to their experience.


A very special thanks to our 2017 Lung Cancer Support Line sponsors:


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