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Lung Cancer Support Line FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided by the Lung Cancer Research Foundation's Support Line?

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation's support line offers general lung cancer education, connection to local and national resources, and opportunities for meaningful engagement to help patients and caregivers better face the challenges of lung cancer. Medical and nursing services are not being provided through our Patient Support Programs.  Information provided by the Lung Cancer Research Foundation is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or other health care services. The Lung Cancer Research Foundation may provide information to you about products, services, clinical trials, or treatments related to lung cancer; however, the Lung Cancer Research Foundation's does not endorse any particular health care resource. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Who should use the Lung Cancer Research Foundation's Support Line?

The support line is designed to provide support to patients and survivors with lung cancer and their caregivers.

How does the Support Line work?

When callers dial the toll-free phone number for the Lung Cancer Support Line, they reach a trained Lung Cancer Research Foundation staff member or volunteer. Phone conversations may be recorded and used for training or quality control purposes. Information you share may also be documented and maintained in a confidential case file, which is used for purposes of continuing the conversation in future calls.

Why do I need to provide basic contact information at the start of the call?

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation maintains a case file for individuals who use the support line, and the information that you provide during the registration process allows us to maintain and update your case file. By collecting this information, we will not need to request this information each time that you call in the future. The Lung Cancer Research Foundation will store this information in a confidential manner and use the information only for purposes of providing services through the support line, training of new staff, and quality control.

How will the Lung Cancer Research Foundation communicate information regarding available resources?

Information will be provided to you by phone, as well as by mail or email, depending upon the preferences that you specify. 

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